Our Firm

Collision Forensics, Research, Analysis, Animation, Simulation and Litigation Support

Voeglie & Associates offers specialized and focused accident reconstruction services, including commercial vehicle mechanical forensics, compliance, event data analysis and computer simulation and animation. Mr. Christopher C. Voeglie, Owner and President of Voeglie & Associates, specializes in the investigation and reconstruction of accidents involving heavy vehicles, school buses, motorcoaches and other public sector and commercial vehicles subject to the rules of operation and the federal motor carrier safety regulations.

Allows us to apply our experience and credibility to your case management, expert rebuttal, accident investigation, reconstruction and root cause analysis needs.  We will review your case, determine your investigative needs and deliver accurate, easy to understand analysis of the complex and technical problems associated with heavy vehicle collisions.

Because many factors relating to a vehicle collision are recorded in the physical evidence, data collection is critical to successful reconstruction and analysis. We have the technology and expertise to extract pertinent data from roadways, vehicles, photographs, and documents, including the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) system for ‘Black Box’ data from passenger vehicles as well as the many data sources available from today's commercial vehicles.